mintBlue is here to make your life easy. Want to use blockchain features but don't have the time or expertise to build a blockchain product from scratch? No problem!

This SDK allows you to easily integrate the mintBlue API. It also contains the tools needed to do cryptographic operations, using your non-custodial keys, allowing you to effectively and securely own your own data. Hassle-free and easy to use!

Full API and SDK documentation at docs.mintblue.com

API Reference



  • Create blockchain transactions
  • Encrypt and digitally sign payloads locally
  • Fetch transactions from the blockchain and decrypt payloads locally
  • Organise your transactions into projects
  • Create EventListeners to collect transactions into projects
  • Stream your project to your local machine
  • Create State Machines from blockchain transactions (see example)

Getting started

  1. Create an account at https://console.mintblue.com

  2. Create a project and copy the project ID

  3. Create an SDK token and copy the SDK token

  4. npm install @mintblue/sdk

  5. Publish your first transaction via the SDK

import { Mintblue } from '@mintblue/sdk';

(async () => {
const token = 'YOUR SDK TOKEN';
const project_id = 'YOUR PROJECT ID';

const client = await Mintblue.create({ token: token });

const outputs = [
type: 'data',
value: 'Hello world',
sign: true,
encrypt: true,

const { txid, rawtx } = await client.createTransaction({ project_id, outputs });


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